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What Should I Do If My Verizon App Is Not Working On My Iphone?

You are very new to Verizon and are accessing Verizon account directly from your iPhone but Verizon app is properly working and you are fed up with all such happenings. Due to any reason, you are not able to get into your account. As you are an Iphone user and your Verizon app is not working in a proper manner, taking Verizon Wireless Customer Service can be useful in such matter where you can make connection with the experts by whom you will get the suitable help on the same problems. Following are the two methods users should implement if their Verizon app is not working:

Option 1: Begin With Closing & Reopening Verizon App After A Few Minutes:

The very first attempt if any of the available app isn’t properly working on your iPhone is to close the application and after a couple of minutes, just reopen the app. You will have to go to the app switcher in order to close Verizon app. Once you have closed the Verizon app from your Iphone device, you will have to reopen the app after a few minutes because sometimes mobile phone app starts often crashing due to various reasons.

Option 2: Delete Verizon App and Later On, Just Reinstall:

If Verizon app update isn’t available and due to software error, this app is not working, you should give Verizon app a new start by deleting the app and later on, install the app again for better experience. In order to delete your Verizon app, you are needed to press and hold the app icon for a couple of seconds until a red minus button will arise on top of your phone screen. Now, you need to tap the button for un-installation and then click on Delete option after the conformation.